Cork Birdathon Event Guidelines

  1. The Cork Birdathon will take place between 9.00am and 5.00pm on Saturday, December 2nd 2017.
  2. Entries are open to teams of two to five people/ family members or back garden bird watchers
  3. Ideally, only birds on the Cork Birdathon species list should be counted.
  4. Teams should only record birds which are seen or heard (including birds at sea) in the vicinity of the South and East Cork Bird Trail (see bird trail map, or visit
  5. Try not to record the same bird twice, unless you see it on a new occasion, whether at the same site or elsewhere.
  6. If you see big flocks of birds, that are very difficult to count, don’t worry too much about getting exact numbers. Just try your best.
  7. It is ok for the same birds to be recorded by more than one Birdathon team, provided they have been seen or heard by each team separately. This is a possibility should two or more teams be recording birds in close proximity to each other.
  8. Please follow Leave no Trace principles (
  9. All sightings must be recorded on the National Biodiversity Datacentre app or the paper version Birdathon recording forms and submitted for counting no later than 12noon on Wednesday, December 6th 2017.
  10. The paper version Birdathon recording forms should be submitted in person or by post to SECAD Offices in Midleton, or by emailing a copy to
  11. Participation is free, but teams are asked to register at or by emailing
  12. Only registered teams who have submitted their records by the submission deadline will be entered into the spot prize draw (
  13. During the event, you can also contact the Birdathon helpline on 087 1723031

Register Here